What is Accessibility?

Accessibility is creating your communications products thoughtfully, so they can reach everyone. It’s about understanding the design principles that need to be incorporated from the beginning of a project so it is “born accessible”—without needing expensive remediation after the fact. 

It’s surrounded by jargon and acronyms: Section 508 compliance. WCAG 2.1. Washington State Policy 188. VPAT forms for your ICT products and services. It’s complicated by years of workflows that don’t understand or value its principles. But this can change. 

Accessibility is bigger than following rules and checking boxes, but it’s also easier than it seems.

Accessibility is about the best design that helps every user discover and use your content. It’s not only about people with disabilities—although understanding disabilities and assistive technology is a place to start.

It’s not just about rules—although there are rules and standards for accessibility that matter tremendously for state and federal contract compliance. And it’s not about tacking on a few changes at the end of a project to meet rules as an afterthought.

When you design for access—in your words, your colors and pictures, your website architecture, and from the very beginning—everyone benefits, and every project turns out better.

Accessibility First has the knowledge and the experience to make sure your project benefits from the insights of accessible design and is findable and usable by everyone in your audience, not just some of them.

You can design accessible websites and communications products. We can help.



We can work with you to create accessible websites, PDFs and electronic documents, and other communications products, addressing screen reader compatibility, keyboard navigation, alt text, proper syntax and tagging, and more.

Evaluation & Remediation

We evaluate communications products against accessibility standards and perform remediation or offer reports to help you understand and fix issues.


We consult on designing “born accessible” workflows in your organization, based on our experience implementing accessibility standards from the beginning in production environments.

Who We Are

Anna Morgan and Sarah Peterson have a combined 20 years of experience in communications design and accessibility. We’ve worked for federal and state clients to create beautiful, usable communications products that comply with accessibility standards. We’ve also provided training and process improvement consulting to private companies who are new to accessibility requirements.

We are communicators first, and we believe this matters to the products we create. We don’t treat accessibility as technical requirements to be fulfilled; we see it as the best way to help important messages reach people. When your communications products are accessible to everyone, they communicate better. Period.

Anna Morgan

  • accessibility testing, accessibility remediation, graphic design

Sarah Peterson

accessibility testing,
coding, writing, editing,
content design

Clients & Projects

Past clients include federal, state, private, and nonprofit organizations. 

  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
  • Washington Developmental Disabilities Council
  • Washington State Statistical Analysis Center
  • WMI Worldwide, Inc.
  • The Sinza Project (Uganda health nonprofit)

Certifications and NAICS Codes

Small Business (federal)

Woman Owned (federal)

Professional and Technical Services (541)

Specialized Design Services
541430 – Graphic design services
541490 – Other specialized design services
IT and Computer Programming
541511 – Custom computer programming services
541519 – Other computer related services
Management Consulting
541611 – Administrative management and general management consulting services
541613 – Marketing consulting services
541618 – Other management consulting services
541690 – Other technical consulting services

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